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Bank BNI Singapore | Cashier's Order

Also know as Banker's Cheque, it is an order for payment issued by BNI Singapore on your behalf.  It is an alternative payment method to transfer money to a recipient who does not accept cash or personal cheques.


  • This is for Singapore Dollar payments only
  • Recipient may deposit Cashier's Order into any bank account in Singapore
  • No requirement to maitain a BNI Singapore account
Cashier's Order  can be used to pay your beneficiary if they do not accept cash or personal cheques.  This is a written order for payment issued in SGD by BNI Singapore on your behalf.


  • An alternative way to transfer money to your beneficiary
  • Safe and convenient - you are able to withdraw or transfer funds from your BNI Singapore account without hassle of carrying cash with you
  • Flexible - your beneficiary has the option to deposit the Cashier's Order or Banker's Cheque into any bank in Singapore
Who can apply

  • You are not required to have a BNI account to enjoy this service
Required Documentation

  • For cash transactions, kindly produce your identification documents (Singapore NRIC or Passport)
Fees and charges
  • Click here for list of applicable fee and charges
For application, kindly visit our Robinson Road branch with your identification documents.  You may choose to pay via cash or by debiting your BNI Singapore account.


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